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When you want to maximize block usage and amplify the architectural possibilities, double storey duplex designs have so much to offer.  They have more living space relative to the block and may even reveal views you didn’t know were there.

Furthermore, by going up to a 2 Storey Duplex Design you’re able to pack in a lot of living space in a smaller footprint, and you may also find it will allow you to keep more lawn for the kids, or even sneak in a swimming pool.

Here at Perfect Square Design, we can help you with clever 2 storey duplex designs that create a sense of individuality and can even make it hard to imagine you have someone living on the other side of the wall.

What Makes 2 Storey Duplex Designs A Great Choice

Space is the big advantage of building double-storey duplexes.  A second level ensures you have space for enough bedrooms, living areas and studies, and maximizes your home’s footprint without sacrificing any back or front garden.

Two Storey Duplexes can also incorporate a wide variety of house design styles however, there may be some local design considerations that come into play.  If you have great natural views, a double storey build is the way to go. You can also maximize the aesthetic and thermal benefits of natural light with a double storey duplex.

At Perfect Square Design, we can help you make the most of your double storey duplex design by considering your taste preferences, lifestyle requirements and your needs now and into the future, especially important for growing families.

From a planning perspective, double storey duplex designs provide an exceptional low-rise medium density solution to communities in Sydney and many other parts of NSW.

Not only is your duplex providing a housing or investment solution for you, with smart design principles you may be creating a fantastic legacy for your kids and helping to address housing shortages in your city.

Are Double Storey - 2 Storey Duplex Designs Are Cost Effective?

Although it can often cost more to build a double-storey home than a single, you can capitalise on this by spending less on a smaller block of land.

Not only that, you can fit a double storey build on a small block without giving up on the size of living areas and sacrificing the back yard.

By bringing in our design team, we can assess your site and identify cost-effective ways of achieving an outstanding double storey duplex design.

What’s more, our unique four step design process, from concept and design through to approvals, documentation and even build should you need help finding the right builder, means we can help you avoid many of the expensive pitfalls of two storey duplex projects.

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