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If you’re looking for low maintenance single level living, then a Perfect Square Design single storey duplex design could be the ideal option for you.  With our many years of experience designing single-storey duplexes, we can help you achieve a fantastic single level home with the added bonus of a second dwelling attached which can be used by family or rented out.


Not only that, we make the design process simpler for you by taking care of documentation and approvals, and even helping you find the right builder should you need one.


Best of all, at Perfect Square Design our designers are small footprint, big impact design specialists so you have a single storey duplex design that has a surprising level of comfort, room and style.


To find out more and to arrange a complimentary initial consultation with one of our building design team, get in touch today.

Advantages Of A Single-Storey Duplex

Single-storey duplexes are a popular choice for many as they can feel like a stand-alone home with only a garage and a single span of wall connecting you with your neighbors.

They can be built side by side and in some cases one on top of the other.  Depending on the location and design, your single storey duplex may even turn out to appeal to a broader range of people.

Here at Perfect Square Design, we love single storey duplexes as they’re an ideal choice for families that might struggle with having a set of stairs, including young families, retirees and people with physical injuries or disabilities.

If you’re a busy parent, they make it easier to keep an eye on young children and give you peace of mind that your curious toddlers or crawling infant is safe from stairs.


Although you have a relatively smaller space, a single storey duplex gives you an unexpected level of freedom to design the layout as you like, without having to worry too much about second floor considerations.  Not only that, when designed right they can feel surprisingly roomy and often are as long and as big as many free-standing homes.

It’s also good to keep in mind that the costs of heating and cooling your home might be considerably cheaper with a single-level duplex compared to a double storey duplex.

Do Single Storey Duplex Homes Cost More Than Two Storey Duplexes?

Generally speaking, single-storey duplexes offer great value and are often cheaper and simpler to build than two storey-duplexes.


Here at Perfect Square Design, we can assess your site and development goals and can help design a single storey duplex to suit your needs and budget, and one you’ll love to call home.


Insider tip:  The size of a duplex depends on your site and permitted floor space ratio (FSR).  In some cases you can build approximately 50% of your site area, and in other instances, this could be as much as 75%, so the difference is enormous and could catch you out. By calling Perfect Square Design before you get started, we can help you avoid many of the common mistakes associated with single-level duplexes, saving you potentially thousands in design, construction and even energy costs.

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