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The smallest the granny flat range is the Studio granny flat that features a comfortable living zone with one bedroom and a separate living and kitchen area. The Studio is cleverly compacted and features a separate bathroom and laundry, positioned adjacent to the bedroom.

A studio is a non-habitable space, you can use this space a home office or to develop your hobbies, arts, crafts and play areas.

A studio is intended to not be habitable which means that the laundry and kitchen facilities are non-permissible. The maximum size for a studio is 36m2. It can contain a living room, bathroom, and bedroom for occasional use.

Building a studio granny flat will provide you with a small space that suits you and that will work well for multi-uses.

Studio Granny Flat Designs

It is important to mention the difference between a granny flat and a regular studio before talking about a studio granny flat because there can be some confusion with each of the terms.

A granny Flat is classified as secondary dwelling and two secondary dwellings are not allowed on one property. However, since a studio is a ‘non-habitable’ dwelling, you can build one right beside your new granny flat if you wish.

A granny flat as well as a studio can’t be built without a primary dwelling or main residence being approved for the property first. And 0.9m is the closest distance a granny flat and a studio can be to each other.

A studio granny flat is a compact yet comfortable design. Having a creative design for your studio granny flat will make it possible to accommodate what can be both a home office and a living space if you only have a small area. Sizes of studio granny flats range from under 30sqm to about 55sqm.

When building a small floor space, it is important to know that everything needs space storage, think about what rooms are necessary and by incorporating natural light, open plan designs and multi-functional spaces you won’t feel that the size is limited. Also, always consider who the studio will be built for, before signing off on the plans.

Getting a design for your studio granny flat will work well for whatever reason you want this extra space, it could be that your need it for work, entertainment or to accommodate guests and so on.

Studio Granny Flat Designs

When it comes to planning to build a studio granny flat in your property space, consider all the uses that a studio may have in its lifetime and don’t compromise on style and quality. Make sure your space is filled with everything that makes you happy, as the studio is in the backyard and exposed, select materials that will stand up to the weather and climate and as a home office space, it needs to be a place where you can feel inspired to bring out your best work.

A studio granny flat can be used for many things. What one day is your home office and teenagers retreat can next be used to accommodate visitors, and later become a pool house. And think creatively as it is a small space, use every available space for storage, incorporating them into your design.

And for those who have the available space to include an optional deck. This gives a great outlook when working from home. This deck is not included in the footprint for council, which means you are not restricted by how big the deck can be. This little-known fact can instantly change your indoor/outdoor living space.

Also, if you want a peaceful space that can be used as both a home office and a living space, you can be flexible with the design of your studio granny flat.


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