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New Heritage Homes and Heritage Renovations

New Heritage Homes

Would you like a brand new home with all the character and grandeur of a Heritage home?

At Perfect Square Design, we’ll carefully design your new Heritage inspired home so it tastefully incorporates the stately detail of days gone by with the important elements of today so it makes architectural, functional and visual sense.

What you’ll end up with is the best of both worlds….

A stunning home of classic beauty and all the joys and convenience of modern living.

Heritage Home Renovations

Would you love to renovate your Heritage home but worried all the design and regulation complexities may have you biting off more than you can chew?

Here at Perfect Square Design, we can design your Heritage renovation or extension so it maintains the integrity of the era and seamlessly brings in the design elements of today with a minimum of fuss. 

And, most importantly, we’ll do the navigating of the requirements and take care of all the design and approvals processes for you.  What that means for you is less time to worry and more time to  look forward to your updated Heritage home.

Whichever way you’d like to achieve the Heritage home you’ve always hoped for, we can help turn it into a reality.

Let’s get started today.