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How 3D Models And Visualisation Enhance The Building Design Process

Building Design Process

Back at University while undertaking my Bachelor of Design in Architecture, there was no real focus on 3D visualisation. In fact, most of the degree was focused on the theory of Architecture and not a real focus on the built environment or the process of producing sketches and massing?? to actual construction documentation. Even then, construction documentation was two dimensional and the interpretation of the documents was solely the responsibility of the builder and contractors.

By producing realistic 3D renders and montages, builders, contractors and even the clients get a preview and understanding of what is to come and what the vision is.

You see, if you go back 30 years, the architect or designer would be VERY involved in the construction process. They would make sure that all their ideas and interpretations were executed to perfection. Over the years, the role of the designer during construction in low to medium scale residential or commercial projects started to diminish. Essentially people were not prepared to pay the premium which could range between 2-6% of the construction cost.

This really left a void in interpretation and execution. Buildings and structures were being built with different materials, different specifications and the result would often be significantly different to the designer’s vision.

This is why the importance of 3D modelling has come into effect. By producing realistic 3D renders and montages, builders, contractors and even the clients get a preview and understanding of what is to come and what the vision is.

At Perfect Square Design we take things a step further. In design meetings with our clients we present our modelling live. This gives the clients a clear understanding of materials, spaces and how the architectural theory translates into a better living environment. 3D modelling is a very powerful tool and the response from our clients have been outstanding. Not only are our clients able to visualise the designs in three-dimensional space, but this has also quite often resulted in them saving them money!

Let’s take a simple renovation project for example. Let us say it is a first-floor addition to an existing single storey home. Our first step after formulating the brief and doing a site feasibility is to model the existing conditions. We would model everything internally and externally. The next step is to work on the proposal. With powerful modelling software, we are able to nominate walls, slabs and fixtures to be demolished, and show what is proposed. Here we are able to visually see where the staircase would go, where it would open up to and what the proposed internal configuration would be.

We would get a real understanding of how the spaces look and feel internally but also how the overall structure would look externally. In our design meetings we test and retest different strategies and ideas that were formulated in the brief. In a three-dimensional space we are able to visually represent areas of structural load and how by tweaking the proposal slightly, we can essentially save our clients thousands of dollars. At the end of the project we then generate our construction drawings with realistic internal and external renders to help and guide the contractors on what the vision is and how we proposed to use the materials. Our builders and clients are loving this extra layer of planning!


Now this is not only reserved to internal alterations and additions. We use this same concept for all our projects ranging from granny flats, new built homes, multi dwelling, duplexes, townhouses, restaurants, barber shops, cafes, industrial and more.

We are currently holding a special at Perfect Square Design.

For the first five new design proposals that are signed off (and deposit paid) before Easter this year (Sunday 4th April 2021) we will provide as a value add three realistic 3D images of the projects valued at up to $1,800! 

To secure this special offer please fill in our briefing form by following the below link and one of our dedicated staff members will be in touch with you to help “Change Your World Through Design”