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Make Your Room Pop by Getting the Right Kind of Texture


A room that has not enough texture can feel flat and unfinished.

One of the biggest complaints of all the owners is having a room with monotonous walls, besides being simple and using typical colours such as white or beige, the rooms lose the cosy effect that is so characteristic for rooms where the important thing is obviously rest and sleep.

The decoration of your bedroom must speak in the language of order, cleanliness, and serenity; fundamental issues to achieve that precious zheng status.

Study the dimensions of your home, the habits of your family or people who live with you and then select the chest of drawers, bedside tables and dresser shelves fits best.

Don’t forget that storage doesn’t necessarily mean order. Consider the space you have, the structure of the room and the different rooms, and discard everything that doesn’t give you a decorative extra.

On a regular basis, supply the room with furniture that leads to a relaxing atmosphere.

Your bedroom must master the vocabulary of interior design. In this case, looking at the aesthetic is important. Sight is the most powerful sense and if the decoration of a bedroom doesn’t achieve a peaceful visual component, perhaps there is something to improve.

Colours and storage are vital, but if they are not enriched with textures, the result is not quite good.

Use light colours in your room. Light colours have a strong psychological component that transports you to paradisiacal places where relaxation is the starting point, as it is the case with combining white and grey.

To create a visual interest and tactile variation, it is important to add to the room objects, textiles, and furniture. That way, the room will feel less boring and more welcoming. Every element of a room is an opportunity to add texture.

If you are renovating, you can give the existing decor a boost by building and adding more layers to the different textures that are already there in the room.

To incorporate texture to the room there are different innovative ways:

  • Include metallic objects
  • Add marble pattern wallpaper
  • Include wooden beams
  • Utilize sheep skins