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Things You Should Consider While Renovating Your Kitchen

7 reasons why renovating your home in Sydney right now is a smarter choice than a knock down rebuild

There are some concrete steps you need to take before you start any renovation work. It is essential to carefully consider, in advance, the processes you follow for a renovation job, especially when it comes to areas like your kitchen.

These are 10 steps you should consider renovating your kitchen with a Building Designer:

  1. The building designer must analyse and plan the space.
  2. Consider getting optimal lighting, ventilation, storage, bench space, durable materials, and room to move.
  3. The style of the kitchen must reflect a part of the entire style of the house. This way, the kitchen will be integrated with the rest of the home decoration.
  4. Choosing the furniture, distributing the work areas in the kitchen, choosing the right appliances are essential steps for a successful arrangement.
  5. Think about the design of the furniture. Primarily paying attention the functionalities and then the style.
  6. Find out the pros and cons of different countertop materials such as granite countertops, quartz, concrete, laminate, butcherblock, marble, recycled glass, etc.
  7. It is ideal that you should be completely happy with the design of your new kitchen before the work starts. This is so you can avoid extra costs from changes you make during the project. The best way to achieve this, is to have an open communication with the builder from the beginning.
  8. You can get worktops for your kitchen renovation. Choose a material that is easy to clean, you can get natural stone, timber/wooden, laminate and composite or you can also get options that will add an industrial edge to your kitchen like concrete, steel, and zinc.
  9. For a low budget idea, you could consider installing a vinyl floor if the flooring in your kitchen is old. It can be installed without many complications. The vinyl floor can be glued or clicked without having to remove the existing flooring or disassemble the kitchen furniture.
  10. Dress up your kitchen windows with fly screens. Fly screens are a practical option. The material can be aluminium or stainless, but a great alternative is fiberglass screens, especially the vinyl-dipped paw proof screens as they are stronger than the other materials and it does not deform or fade in the sun and a damp cloth is enough to keep it in perfect condition. In addition, you can choose them with the most open or closed plot, depending on how much clarity you want.