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The days of townhouses being considered a second choice are long gone.  They’re now in a league of their own and an incredibly smart and popular way to live for many Australians, including busy professionals that demand the finest in luxury accommodation to families that want a practical low maintenance home to entertain, work and play in…….and maybe even house a poodle!

A successful townhouse project design carefully balances style, lifestyle and communal living to create a place where people can love to be.  When it comes to Australian townhouse designs, they also need to incorporate

  • sustainability considerations and
  • tick boxes for comfortable modern living now and into the foreseeable future.

Here at Perfect Square Design, we’re townhouse design experts and know all the important, and easily overlooked, elements of townhouse designs so what you get is a spectacular result for your design budget.  That’s why so many developers (and builders!) trust our expert building designers for their townhouse projects.

Making townhouse designs stand out for all the right reasons

When it comes to townhouses, you don’t have to be gimmicky to be different.

At Perfect Square Design we use sound and innovative design principles to give your townhouse project a competitive edge whilst maintaining design integrity.  In fact, it’s

  • the relationship of shape and form, and
  • the choice of fittings, finishes and colour

that our trained and experienced building designers can offer is what will give your townhouse design project the “X-factor” you’re after.  The result is a townhouse complex that looks great today and will age gracefully in the years to come.  And, most importantly, one that potential buyers and occupants can be proud to call home.

Townhouse design Australia. Why there’s more to it than just good design.

Whether you’re a townhouse developer for the first time or have been around the block a few times, the townhouse design you choose will have a lasting impact on residents and neighbourhood.

At Perfect Square Design we’re about helping find cost-effective Australian townhouse design solutions that will help you achieve your townhouse development goals and allow you to build quality townhouses that improve people’s lives and add to communities.

Afterall, the difference between an outstanding townhouse design and one that misses the mark often boils down to how much thought is put into it and attention to detail, like

  • placement of walls to make spaces flow better,
  • considering how occupants and neighbours interact with each other, and
  • making the most of direction, light, outlook and natural surroundings.

Materials are also critical so your townhouse development enhances the site, looks like it belongs in the street, improves liveability and comfort, and meets the changing tastes of increasingly fussy Australian home buyers.

Why Perfect Square Design’s Townhouse Design Team

At Perfect Square Design we do things differently to most.  We’re committed to making the design process as simple as possible for you, including a four-step end-to-end integrated service that takes a lot of hassles off your shoulders, gives you a streamlined design experience and delivers EXCEPTIONAL value.

Our four-step process includes concept, documentation, approvals and, if you need it, build.

Being overseen by our leading building designer and architect, your townhouse designs will get scrutinised before you get them and you’ll be amazed how quickly we can turn around plans and changes if needed.  These are some of the many reasons why so many builders and developers trust us as a townhouse design Australia partner.

Need one more reason why you don’t have to look any further for townhouse building design services?


Contact us today.  We’d love to chat with you.

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