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Small Townhouses are different from detached houses because they sit on smaller block sizes. Also, townhouses are usually attached and on a shared title, meanwhile, houses are detached where the buyer is purchasing on an individual title (not belonging to strata).

Living in a small townhouse usually means sharing a common wall with neighbours and some common spaces like a driveway. A townhouse is often easier to maintain than a house and offer more space and privacy than an apartment.

Small townhouses are the perfect mix of achieving the size of a house, but with the convenience of unit-style living. A small townhouse may have a yard, but they it is usually small and manageable, also a townhouse won’t be having a lift to be sharing with the neighbours to your front door as it happens when getting an apartment. 

Small Townhouse Designs

The design and construction style of small townhouses can help you save money on heating and cooling expenses. Fewer rooms mean less time spent on cleaning and home maintenance. Small homes have small rooms. This gives each room, as well as the entire house, a feeling of cosiness and intimacy that larger homes lack.

Townhouses are contemporary terraced buildings commonly found in the suburbs of large cities. They are space-efficient and if they are larger than the small ones, they have multiple levels with as many bedrooms as possible, though the most common size is three.

But, it is always great to reduce your carbon footprint so living in a big house usually means that you waste plenty of precious resources. Smaller homes have less space to heat and cool, meaning that they will have a better environmental footprint. Larger homes also tend you use up more unnecessary water and electricity while living in smaller homes you will enjoy big savings.

And in a townhouse, you can enjoy your space without spending all your free time tending to a large yard, this certainly makes living in a townhouse very appealing.

In Australia, townhouses are generally considered attached because they usually share a common wall or common walls. However, there are some townhouses that are freestanding which could be considered detached.

Small Townhouse Designs

While townhouses might look relatively compact from the street, once you get inside, you will notice they are deceptively spacious. You can still have a spacious home with an outdoor space, without the need to have a large yard.

Townhouses are often the first-choice accommodation for university students or young professionals living in share-houses. They make up for approximately 10% of all Australian housing.

The average size of a townhouse varies by state, but the largest townhouses on average are found in Victoria (155m2) and Victoria (155m2).

At Perfect Square Design we are about helping find cost-effective Australian townhouse design solutions that will help you achieve your townhouse development goals and allow you to build quality townhouses that improve people’s lives and add to communities.

After all, the difference between an outstanding townhouse design and one that misses the mark often boils down to how much thought is put into it and attention to detail, like placement of walls to make spaces flow better, considering how occupants and neighbours interact with each other, and making the most of direction, light, outlook, and natural surroundings.

Building a high-quality townhouse comes down to using the right materials and the best trades Australia has to offer. These materials used to build townhouses are crucial as your townhouse development should be enhancing the site, looking like it belongs in the street, improving liveability and comfort, and meeting the changing tastes of increasingly fussy Australian home buyers.

Being overseen by our leading building designer, your townhouse designs will get scrutinised before you get them so you will be able to see how quickly we can turn around plans and changes if needed. These are some of the many reasons why so many builders and developers trust us as a townhouse design Australia partner.

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