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What To Consider Before Putting Up A Fence

What To Consider Before Putting Up A Fence

There are many reasons why you might decide to put up a fence, such as needing more privacy, seeking better security or to make yards safer for small children or pets.  If you’re like most people, you’ll first consider the aesthetics and façade of your home but overlook some of the most important factors that can make a huge difference to the overall result.

To help make sure your new fence measures up, here are five things you need to consider before choosing and putting up a fence.


Not all fencing materials are necessarily suited to your climate and environment, and if you like things ‘low maintenance’ there are some materials you should definitely avoid.  For instance, wooden fences need occasional staining or sealing, and can warp and rot over time (especially in certain conditions), so you may need to consider other options such as vinyl, aluminium, steel, wrought iron, and bamboo.


Which Fence Is Best For You?

There is an endless range of fencing types of fences and gates out there, including:

  • Timber Fencing 
  • Aluminium Fencing 
  • Picket Fencing 
  • Pool Fencing and
  • Automatic Gates

Although the fencing choice at first may seem obvious, taking a closer look at functionality and lifestyle could throw up a more appropriate option.  For example, you may like the charm of a traditional picket type fencing, but if you come home late at night could an automatic gate make more sense for your peace of mind?

And if you still can’t find the ideal one, a building designer can design a custom-built fence to fit the bill.


Research The Property Line And Local Regulations

As the old saying goes, “good fences make good neighbours”.  To spare years of unnecessary stress, animosity and cost to put up a fence, you want to make sure your fence doesn’t end up on your neighbour’s land. It really does happen more than you may think.

You also want to ensure you’re abiding by local Council regulations if you don’t want to be forced to take it down, particularly important when considering height and materials.

To play it safe, professionally have your property’s rights of way and boundaries established and assess the suitability of your fence choice ‘before you buy’.  Here at Perfect Square Design, for instance, we can help arrange the right surveys, documents and assessments to minimise the chances of these mistakes happening to you.


Create Entrances

You should at least have two entry ways into fenced areas for convenience and safety.  By bringing in an expert building designer, they can show you how simple tweaks and positioning can make an enormous difference to the external look and feel of your home.Expert building designers also have a great understanding of the best type of security fences and can recommend you fences that will suit your needs best.


 Adding Value 

If you plan to sell your house one day you may be interested to know that putting a fence around your property often will increase its value.  So, if you’re weighing up whether to fence or not to fence, just remember in real estate first impressions do count.

Insider Tip:  Do some local spying first!  When selling, the popular rule of thumb is choose a fencing style that enhances the character of your home AND is in line with the tastes and needs of the majority of your potential buyers. 

Would you like help finding a fencing solution to enhance your lifestyle and add value to your property? Contact the Perfect Square Design team today.