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Granny flats are a very popular addition with Australian homes. A two-bedroom granny flat is a common size. Here at Perfect Square Design, we can get you a functional floorplan that will help you add value to your home.

Two-bedroom granny flats provide a lot of flexibility for any lifestyle. They offer a longer-term plan for both family and investors, presenting some of the best returns for property investors.

These granny flats are great for taking care of family members. For example, a lot of people opt to get a granny flat to be able to give the grandparents some privacy and independence, but at the same time, it gives them the feeling of safety as they know they are always close to the family.

2 Bedroom Granny Flat Designs

When it comes to calculating granny flat prices, there isn’t a short answer. A lot of factors will influence the cost of building your granny flat. Not all of these are visible to new buyers at the start of the process.

On average, a complete two-bed granny flat tends to cost between $145,000 and $155,000. This price should include site costs, design, and approvals, build price and standard inclusions.

A granny flat kit home can be a cheaper solution compared to a custom-built granny flat. But many kit home companies fail to provide the full turnkey price as supplied by custom granny flat builders.

Elements which are often purposely left out by kit home company quotes include site costs, electrical and plumbing essentials, additions such as blinds, floor finishes, and so on, council or complying development approvals and service connection.

People get a two-bedroom granny flat for a lot of reasons, sometimes they are just first timer property investors who are looking for a starting point, others are parents helping their kids save to get into the property market by providing a granny flat for them to live in while they save money for a deposit, other people are just families looking to care for the grandparents who are getting older and require more hands-on care or families who want to avoid putting grandparents into Aged Care, other people use it as an Airbnb retreat, and some property investors purchase granny flats to gear their property collection.

2 Bedroom Granny Flat Designs

If you are looking for a price for your granny flat project, get in touch with our building designers and remember, not everything is about granny flat prices. It is important to always have in mind, if you are getting a granny flat, that opting for a custom granny flat will provide you with flexible designs and guaranteed timeframes. There is no doubt that getting a two-bedroom granny flat is an investment because if you do it right, you can end up making more money from your granny flat than you put down on it.

Once you decide to invest on building a granny flat, be sure to choose wisely when it comes to taking the decision to hire a building designer who can make it happen the way you picture it.

It is important to keep in mind the site costs of a granny flat (specific reports, consultations cost imposed by your site), the design and approval (architectural planning design and getting approval from council / CDC), the build price (cost to build your chosen design), the size of the granny flat and the inclusions (chosen finishes and features).

Two-bedroom granny flats are a popular choice among investors, it is great to get when you have a big backyard with considerable space or if you are located close to major educational facilities like universities and tourist hot spots as you can rent it out. Two-bedroom granny flats offer the joys of a typical house for a fraction of the cost. The maximum size of a two-bedroom granny flat is 60m²

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